Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weeks 37, 38, & 39: Two Solos and Winter Break

Well it's been quite a while, but I figured I'd finally get back to this blog. We had about a week and a half off for winter break, so there wasn't much to cover, with the exception of the last week of flying we had before going home.

The last week of work in the year 2013 was a pretty good one. I had two more solo flights which went extremely well. Both of them fell on perfect days with great visibility, good winds, and nice temperatures. It was a great way to finish up this year of flying. I actually was able to burn my HUD tapes to a DVD which I then brought home to show to family. The area work was pretty sweet, I did each aerobatic maneuver once which left me with the perfect amount of fuel to return home and work on the pattern. Reviewing my HUD tapes, I stayed pretty quiet the whole time, mumbling to myself only when I was doing a quick ops check or confirming the gear. They were both great experiences, and I look forward to the many formation solos we have in the future.

After two solos in a row, winter break was upon me, so I drove down to OKC to try and catch a flight. I was lucky and got on, despite my streak of not being able to get on using standby passes. After that I spent an awesome week and a half at home in Colorado and New Mexico, seeing family and friends and enjoying the break. It was a much-needed rest and a good Christmas and New Year's.

Back to the grind now and excited to get back up in the air. Hope your holidays were great as well!

~ Dakota

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