Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week Thirty-Four: Thanksgiving Break

Well, I can't truly call this much of a UPT week, since we got two days off and I spent the last four days back home in Colorado, but I'll go ahead with a quick post anyway.

Three days were all we had as far as flying goes this week, and they were all pretty good. The weather was great and we got a lot of flights done as a class. Our baby class, 14-09, also started flying Wednesday, so now we'll probably see a decrease in the number of lines we'll fly as our two classes start eating up the ones we have available.

But regardless, we are getting close to soloing the T-38, which will be a pretty awesome experience. The syllabus calls for only 11 flights before the initial solo, which is really crazy when you think about it. But I feel ready, so hopefully sometime next week I'll head out to the MOAs alone with this sweet jet.

After double-turning on Wednesday, I drove down to Oklahoma City for my flight out to Denver, and from then on spent a relaxing time at home eating turkey, seeing old friends and family, and just generally enjoying Colorado's great weather and some cool places I haven't seen in a while.

Back now in good old Enid. The booming metropolis of northern Oklahoma.


Focusing on getting to solo now, and having a good couple of weeks before I get on another plane to Colorado for Christmas break.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!

~ Dakota

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