Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week Thirty-One: Weather Week

As you can probably guess, this last week was heavily influenced by the weather, mostly in a negative way.

We ended up having a stretch of stormy and overcast weather hit northern Oklahoma for most of the week, which really messed up any plans for dollar rides this week. Monday was the soonest that any of us were ready to fly, but each flight got cancelled due to low ceilings which made it impossible to open up the traffic pattern. And the whole point of these first few rides is not to fly instruments but to get us used to the ground references and visual flight.

So Monday went down the drain, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday with the same, if not worse, conditions. Rainy, sleety, cloudy conditions prevailed throughout most of the week. Thursday was pretty interesting though; it was by far the worst weather of the week in the morning, but by afternoon it was sunny and clear. We actually had rides get cancelled in the morning go, and then those who got nixed got to see the later lines go out to fly. So 14-08 had its first flights in the T-38 this week, which is pretty sweet.

I had been a bit behind due to the way scheduling has gone, so the weather didn't affect me too much. I simmed quite a bit this week, finally finishing up those that would opt me to fly. When Friday's schedule showed up, I was on it. 1206 would be my takeoff time, and the forecast showed clear skies and great weather, if a bit windy.

Here's where the weather screwed us again. Because it was so nice on Friday, the schedulers decided to scratch our dollar ride lines and send up formation solos that needed to fly before they would have to fly a dual sortie again due to time constraints. The syllabus is a complicated system to explain briefly, but basically they needed to send up the solo students in order to prevent having to give extra dual flights. With the way budget issues are right now, it makes sense. So us new kids got to wait around, though we helped out with the Halloween treat-or-treat going on in the squadron. Families of the pilots working at Vance got to go through and get candy from us, and there were Halloween decorations and whatnot.

So Monday should be the big day, I will be sure to talk about what it's like to fly the 38 so stay tuned and have a good week. Looking forward to flying again!

~ Dakota

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