Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week Ten: Late Shows, Long Week

Hey again,

It's late Sunday night, so I'm going to make this a pretty quick post. This week was quite a long one... seemed to drag on forever. The nice thing was our show times every day this week were between 10 and noon, which was pretty sweet.

Overall the day-to-day wasn't so bad. This was our last week in the 15 Day Program, so that was a cool thing to look forward to. I flew three times this week, and they were pretty good flights. I finished out the first block of training on Wednesday, which means I get to do new things while flying. Namely, spins. These were pretty cool: you basically bring the aircraft to a stall by climbing with power set to idle, and then right at the stall point, you add full rudder deflection in one direction, which sets the airplane into a violent spin towards the Earth. Pretty fun, like a roller coaster only there's no track. Easy to recover from too, so no worries about crashing and dying (unless you perform the recovery wrong). But mostly, the flights this week focused on traffic pattern operations and low-threat area maneuvers, the same as we've been doing in the weeks prior.

On Friday we had our first day outside the 15 Day Program. It was really cool, since our morning formal brief was vastly shorter than normal, owing to the fact that we didn't have to do a standup, shotgun questions, or say the notes-warnings-cautions! So that's something nice. We also got to have our first beers in the flight room. On Friday our flight commander went over to the "beer light" and flipped it on. We then sat around and discussed our week and also voted on who would have to carry "The Bone" for the next week. Basically whoever did the most stupid thing has to carry around this massive dog bone everywhere, even out to restaurants and bars and the like. Our reservist (the only non-Academy guy in our flight) was the unlucky guy. His was more of a cumulative two-months' worth of stuff though.

D Flight of class 14-08. The beer light is illuminated behind us to the left, our flight's patch is on the wall on the right. Pretty good group of guys!

We hit some CAIs again after quite a while away from that dreaded lab of boredom. They weren't too bad though.

I dunno, mostly it was a pretty standard week, but it just took forever to go by. I try and pass the long hours of the day by at least hitting the gym. Gives you a chance to not think and just work out. Vital, I think, in order to not lose sanity.

The weekend was nice, just a lot of hanging out with friends in the gorgeous weather. Honestly, life is good, and I find myself looking forward to going in to work, which is all I can ask for. But the time off is great too haha.

It's been getting pretty hot here. In fact this week, we're supposed to have temperatures in the 100s... Yay for heat waves.

Take it easy!

~ Dakota

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